Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to Master the Fear in Challenging Economic Times

How to Master the Fear in Challenging Economic Times

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Author: Christine M. West, MS, CMHT

Uncertainty in the marketplace instills doubt and fear which diminishes creativity, relationship capital and economic prosperity. Difficult market conditions often lead leaders, managers and organizations into fear based decision-making that reflects a lost sense of identity,vision and mission. When this critical foundation is lost, the result is inflexibility and stagnation instead of dynamic resilience that is necessary to carry enterprises through challenging times. Overcoming fear requires the courage to act and willingness to explore new pathways to create new value added opportunities out of apparent obstacles.

Creating The Dance

Congruence in Mind Body and Spirit:
Creating the Dance
Author: Christine M. West, MS, CMHT

Human complexity is intriguing because all of us come into this world congruently aligned in mind body and spirit. We are here to learn yet often we forget that is what we are here to do. The Universal Academic System designs a unique schooling plan for each of one us to advance our growth. Growth occurs because of awareness to non-serving behavioral patterns and learning to take action to create true behavioral adjustments. We are allowed to repeat the learning and courses as many times as needed. The Universe will deliver to us exactly as we request because the energy we put into our thoughts, emotions and behaviors creates a movement that becomes a dance with life responding as our dancer.

Our dancer desires to please us and give us exactly what we want and that is why the dancer will dance to any beat we create. At any moment we have the power within to change our dance. Because of this inner-power, we can create any melody, harmony and rhythm and the dancer will automatically align itself to our dance. Quite often we forget we are completely in charge of creating the dance and by habit accept what the dancer of life gives us; instead of the other way around. We have the ability to choose how we think, feel and respond at all times.

Often because of our fear based emotional and behavioral addictions and attachments, we forget how powerful we truly are. At times, we listen to our EGO voice, resist change, surrender to victimhood, sit in stagnation and search for someone or something to save us. We create crutches and stressors for ourselves which end up blocking our true power to manifest what we really want. We end up giving into the false hood of an EGO illusion. In this EGO illusion we end up convincing ourselves we need to hold on tightly to control, fear, and our self created stressful crutches. We end up acting out our EGO illusion as a story to attract various characters to our self created dramas that we become addicted to and the star of that drama. These addictions and illusionary controls take us further away from being happy, growing and create more repeat Universal lessons to go through.

We get stuck every now and then, take rides on emotional roller coasters and allow our emotions to control us. Often these emotional rides repeat and go unresolved. Some unresolved emotions transform into negative suppressions. These negative emotional suppressions become pollutants in our mind, body and spirit. Part of our learning is realizing we all have the power to release these pollutants otherwise our dance becomes hindered and our dancer responds accordingly.

Often we strive for improvements in our outer world (career, money, stimulation, relationships, other people, time and conflicts) and the inner world (emotions, inner conflicts, stress, energy, thoughts, behavior, health and the body). The process to receive these improvements comes from within all of us. The required focus is inward and being brave enough to search inside our inner-self while surrendering to unconditional love. Still focusing inward, the next step is to release negative emotions and allow the natural peeling of our self created complexity to naturally diminish. As each layer peels, the grieving process of our EGO illusion begins. The more we fight this process and give into the EGO voice, the longer the suffering occurs. Detaching from trying to control this process is part of the learning. Once detached from control, it is easier to detach from our addictions to unhealthy behavioral patterns, release negative emotions and our attachment to our projections. The detachment process requires courage and self-awareness. The key is to stay in unconditional love and accept with gratitude that every circumstance that occurs is for our human advancement and growth.

Within this learning comes a new movement for our dance to enhance with the dancer naturally following with grace. The more detached, the better our career, relationships, friendships, activities, health and advancement become. Being responsible for what we think, feel and do, is key to successful learning. Through mindful practicing of responsibility, we begin to create a dance we desire and find ourselves living in congruent harmony that is aligned with our mind, body and spirit.