Thursday, July 11, 2013

What are you Focused on Today?

           What are You Focused on Today?

Like it or not we are all focused on something.  Your focus is either contributing to building up or tearing down your life – like it or not. 

Often many of us are so focused on our conditioning, our fears and our limitations instead of being focused on living a life full of meaningful purpose and our divine natural talents, gifts and strengths.

What you allow your mind to buy into is so powerful that I ask you this very critical question – who is leading your focus about what is possible in your life?

Be honest with yourself, is it your conditioning, the media, your circle of influence?  Or is it co-created between you and our Divine Creator with intentional creation? 

I recently found myself reading an article on The Picture of the Day titled “Living on the Edge”. It is a picture and story about a young man named Alex Honnold who is known as the best in the world for being a free soloist, where he climbs natural rock formations in record speeds around the world without ropes, without gear and relies on the power of his mind.    

Sounds a bit insane, unsafe and deadly, right – Yet, Why?

 That would mean such an inner self trust, self-discipline and self-reliance would need to be accessed and directed toward living in the present moment. It means you have one shot to get every move right. It means all the conditioning of what is possible or how something can be accomplished or how long something needs to take is released out of mind and out of your focus of normal. It means reaching a profound place within yourself where the mind is silent and you are free from stress, distraction and doubt.  This is the place of your inner power and being connected with the power of our Divine Creator.  

Diving within yourself to connect to this concentrated power of silence and focus which eliminates the noise places YOU 100% in charge of your mind to lead your life. And to give up your excuses, doubts and step into the magic of life.

This power lives inside of all of us.  You may not be wired with the same gifts as someone such as Alex Honnold yet you are here for something magnificent.  You are able to access the same dimensions inside of you to finish your work sooner than later, to involve yourself in richer life experiences, and to continuously evolve beyond the limitations of society and your past conditioning.

Take a peak at this short video and article on Alex   and then ask yourself what am I focused on today?  

Please write me, would enjoy hearing how your plan shifting your focus