Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three Tips to Unblock your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Dear Reader,

In my line of work, I have been blessed to meet so many interesting people who want to do their part by adding value to the world through their work and their specific niche. Fabulous people who have an Entrepreneurial Spirit and desire to share pressing knowledge with the world, yet they feel blocked by some force that is misunderstood, which results in a state of resentment. These folks I am speaking of are men and women, various races, and all ages. These folks have varying levels of education and are skilled in an assortment of work disciplines. What I am describing is a very common human condition, in which this challenge bypasses no one, in the perseverance to incarnate one’s vision successfully.

Because of these blocks, many people end up in careers that provide a paycheck as the main fulfillment, yet the spirit inside of the person is left suppressed. This suppressed state creates boredom, frustration, stress, victimization, shame, doubt and insecurity, in which generates complacency; in turn grows the blockage inside, activating a wall of fear-based resistance. This very resistance blocks the person’s ability to receive thriving results out of life.

If something inside of you is nudging to stop holding yourself back and come alive to participate in work that is aligned with your Entrepreneurial Spirit, apply the tips precisely that I am about to provide for you. Work is meant to be fun, meaningful, and prosperous. It is also meant to connect you with a population who is searching to use your product or service to solve something pressing that is causing their world difficulty.

Remember, you are the masterpiece of your own life and know from this moment forward success is sum of small efforts practiced daily. You have all the equipment you need to succeed. I encourage you to dare something worthy with your skills and talents. By holding back you are playing small and holding back solutions to benefit the world. Yes I realize the programming that most of us acquired instills beliefs to hold ourselves back from the worthiness of our birthright. It is not your fault, because you didn’t know any better. Now you know, you are responsible for what you believe.

Beliefs are determinates of what you experience in your world. It is that simple. If you hold a belief, for example, that you can’t have a positive cash flow and be successful at something you have passion for. In this simple example, you would never allow yourself to make money at something you are passionate about. You would take on mediocre work. You would have created unworthiness, doubt, obstacles, stress, limitation and blockages about your passion. And you probably would complain about the job you have. You would participate in work that you have no love for.

Now that you know, you have the option to do something better with the use your time, energy, skills and talents. You deserve to be happy and have prosperity. And you deserve to unblock yourself to have a thriving life.

Tip number one:

1.Stop searching for what the world needs, discover what helps you become alive and go do that. Capture for yourself the emotional state that you want to feel when you have a positive cash flow from the work that comes from your Entrepreneurial Spirit. Your emotional state is the fuel to reach the outcome you desire. For example, if you want to feel happy, confident, courageous and motivated. Be clear about how all those emotions feel. Allow yourself to feel success.

Tip number two:

2.Clean up anything in your life you resent or have a negative attitude toward. Negativity, anger, fear, worry, victimization, shame and apathy are examples of resentment. Forgive yourself, your decisions and anyone involved. What is done is done. If have clients that frustrate you, clean up the frustration. You may need to have a conversation with your client or you may need to break off the relationship. Either way, take healthy active steps that clear away any negativity. If you have job duties that frustrate you such as paperwork for example. Practice loving the activity or love the activity by outsourcing if you can. Removing negativity from your life loosens the blocks and releases the blocks grip on you.

Tip number three:

3.Pay attention to understand what you are challenged by. These challenges are blessings in disguise. These challenges are road maps to what your Entrepreneurial Spirit is here to provide a solution for. Learn to transform the problems you are experiencing into solutions. My entire business concept was conceived out of my frustration with bureaucratic cultures that maintain complacent practices and lack the sense of urgency to evolve; and as a result have forgotten their greatest asset is their people.

I can empathize with all you that feel stuck, or feel unworthy or have fear or have no idea of how to put your ideas together. It takes BIG BOLD COURAGE to get out of your own way and to be unaffected by the good opinions of others. Yes, the risk is yours and so is the GLORY!!

Remember every creation in our world is the human imagination pushed out. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. There is something that you know that you don’t know, and you may not know how to begin. Yet, believe me, you do know. Face your fear, practice the tips to unblock your ability to receive flow, surrender to Entrepreneurial Spirit that so desperately wants to come alive and then you are ready to begin to thrive.