Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Business as a Path of Love

In business we all need to relate with other people. Some people we enjoy and others trigger aggravation, frustration, stress, exasperation, annoyance or some kind of negative experience. The best technique that I have found to overcome this negativity is to fearlessly love my customer, myself and all that I do.

All people hunger and thirst for love. Yet most people end up acting out non-loving behavior. It is easy to love those who are good to us and challenging to love those who are unpleasant to deal with. Those people who are unpleasant probably need love the most. How do we overcome this dilemma?

The best answer is to treat people like your dog. Okay, what do I mean? A good pet owner gives a lot of love and attention to their dog and the dog responds in unconditional loyalty and love. Our dogs (pets) idle us, right? This is what we want from our customers, prospects and in our existing relationships.
Loving our pets is easy, right. We go the extra mile to keep our pets happy. We feed them, we nurture them, we clean up after them, we speak honestly and tell them as it is, and in return we receive unconditional acceptance and love. We receive this love from our pets regardless of our mood or temperament because we provide extraordinary service.

If we apply this same concept to business, all people want love and want what they want. As a practice here are some guidelines to follow:

1.Show Appreciation and Gratitude in both your words and your actions.

2.Reward your customer. Your dog enjoys treats, so does your customer. Exceed people’s expectations.

3.A dog owner provides a comfortable bed for their pet to sleep and may in some cases sleep with their dog. Comfort and be friendly with your customer; do not screw your customer or prospect or anyone you interact with. This will damage the relationship. Practice with integrity.

4.A good dog stays in the yard. Keep your customer’s loyal by paying attention to their needs. People will always remember how you made them feel and how you reacted to their circumstances. Make it easy for your customers, prospects and all that interact with you. Keep a good track record of being reliable. If you are hard to get along with and your customers experience difficulties doing business with you, this is where your customer starts to wander. Keep your customers happy.

5.When my dog barks, it is because she wants me to check out an identified problem. Do not shush your customer or prospect. Give attention to their concern.

6. Create fun and thrilling experiences for your customer. Business is an adventure. Create fun and positive enthusiasm for all that you serve.

7.Practice: Fearlessly Loving MYSELF and ALL that I do and ALL that I experience.

The greatest reward in my work is guiding an individual or a group past FEAR into a sacred space of love. I love seeing my clients change magically. I am continuously inspired and honored by those who have trusted in me to be their guide. By fearlessly loving myself, I can fearlessly love and serve my client. The moment I forget to act out this practice, is the moment I end up turning my back on love.


This article has been inspired from a friend and a professional colleague who is experiencing a severely stressful crisis in her life. She expressed her appreciation for me helping her currently standup, face and overcome her some of her deepest FEARS. She told me today if wasn’t for me, she still would be stuck.
Thank you - I am honored to be your trusted guide.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Do want to know how to Master the Fear in Challenging Economic Times?


It is an observable fact that we have a huge psychological problem lingering and growing in our society named FEAR. Fear has become a pressing imperative issue in our businesses, in our culture and in our organizational systems and is re-shaping the way we work, live and play.

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