Saturday, September 4, 2010

“Thoughts are Things”

The Psychological Dilemma:

‎"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." Peace Pilgrim

Thoughts are Things

I often question how many people really pay attention to what they think. This very question may seem puzzling yet our very thoughts contribute to how we experience and perceive reality. The circuits in our brain produce an energetic vibration, as a result forms a frequency by the very thoughts we think and the emotions we feel.

This frequency can simulate benefit or detriment. For simplicity purposes, positive thoughts and loving emotions produce a higher frequency and negative thoughts and toxic emotions produce a lower frequency.

Emotions are fuel (energy) behind our thoughts. Our thoughts can establish wellness or disease in the mind or body, prosperity or scarcity and abundance or deficiency. Many worry about money and their health. Worry is one of Fear’s family members. Fear as the fuel behind this specific thought process, over a period of time, produces a poverty-based mindset which expects life to be a struggle. Because we think it is normal to struggle, we think everything is hard. Since everything is hard, we don’t trust anyone or ourselves, and then we think we need control everything and everybody. Of course with this type of thought process how could we ever be successful? These negative thoughts create twists and turns in our minds which bring us spiraling down to our detriment. This detriment affects our health and immune system creating diseases such as cancer and diabetes. It also creates difficulty in our relationships, our endeavors, our work, increases stress and creates poverty.

Now remember, I said emotions are the fuel (energy) behind our thoughts. The good news is if you want a life of surplus and health, unconditional LOVE is the FUEL behind the thought to keep the mind and body healthy. When we genuinely love ourselves (not to be confused by EGO driven love) and allow life to flow through us, life becomes an extraordinary journey. We let go of the need to control anything except how we choose to respond to outer conditions. We find productive ways to work through life’s conflicts. We trust in the process of life. We develop healthy relationships and life is far more simple, fun, uplifting, joyous and inviting. We have a lot more energy to take action. Opportunity seeks us. Increase is always on the horizon. We laugh and smile more. The negative or EGO driven ways of others is uninteresting. The peaceful and loving thoughts we maintain take us out of the common problems majority of our society struggles with. Life is full of meaning and substance.

Now, if you read my words, it is your choice to choose your path. If you want to live healthy, it is your responsibility to take charge of your thoughts and your mind. We’re all in this together. Together we can evolve into an astounding society. You have the power inside of you to create the experiences you want. Take charge of your MIND today and reap life’s rewards.

To your health and your wealth!!