The "Break Free" Intensive Shift

Life is one big story created through our thoughts, the words we speak, what we invest both our energy and focus on and how we choose to respond to the circumstances around us. Human beings are powerful creatures who are tooled with incredible abilities to generate great change yet have not fully grasped how to access this power. This is because people become the sum of their habits and are consistent in acting out unconscious patterns constantly, which are expressed through one’s personality.

We become very comfortable in our habits and then out of nowhere something disrupts our comfort and we need to find the courage to adapt quickly. These disruptions occur in our career, finances, relationships or health. Or an opportunity to move into a new stage of life that we have always desired presents itself and we sabotage ourselves in the process. These disruptions often leave us feeling overwhelmed, searching for a direction and a conditioned mind for failure. Most people exhaust themselves in attempting to change everything about the situation and realize the real solution and challenge is changing themselves. The real question is what do you need and want to change in your life? Remember, the past is past and living there is preventing you from fully experiencing the present. Likewise fear of what is approaching around the corner is also a blockage preventing you from fully enjoying the present. By now, you have something in mind you would like to change, yet you are feeling imprisoned and have no idea how to free yourself from your current circumstances.

A recommended solution is, The "Break-Free" Intensive Shift, which is a highly concentrated process to allow you to let go of the familiar easily, with confidence and reconstruct their conditioning to feel worthy and deserving of success. This customized framework reveals and releases sabotaging beliefs, behaviors, thoughts and emotions. This is done through guiding you through a personal evaluation process to discover undermining self-talk, behavior patterns and beliefs and misaligned values which are incongruent with the individuals desires. In addition this process assists the individual in reaching unconditional acceptance of their current circumstance so the transformational shift occurs easily. Resistance to growth is eliminated when we truthfully accept who we are and where we are. This is the step to leaping into unleashing our true power to free ourselves from our self-imposed prison.

The outcome you reach is an identity of empowerment, which means gaining control over your mind, your emotions, your beliefs and most of all, your life. This power expands throughout your relationships with your self, your work, other people, and the environment; so in essence relationships change for the better.

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“Investing in myself to work with Christine is one of the best decisions I have ever made in several contexts: personal transformation, leaps in self-awareness, and extreme self-care. Christine is incredibly intuitive, completely present and "caringly" bold in her communication. If you dare to be ready, do the "blowout" with Christine. You won't be the same. Christine is a true expert, illustrates high integrity and is extremely creative” Julie M.

“I recently had the pleasure of undergoing a breakthrough intervention with Christine West of The BusinessMD. Her unique process unlocked and released a childhood memory that was the root cause of limitations in my life for fifty years. Her methodology was extremely thorough, quick, tailored just for me and very intensive -- probably just what was needed to unlock and release such a stubborn memory. I cannot thank her enough for her help, by which a new life of wellness has begun for me. Christine is very personable, intuitive and her skills are unparalleled in my eyes. I recommend her to you without hesitation for anyone who desires real change in their life. Be willing and watch your life change instantly by working with Christine !!! I received great results due to Christine’s personable expertise” Therese G.

"Working with Christine has taken me from misaligned chaos to true inner peace." … Mechelle

"I wrote a hand written note on the retainer check that I handed Christine – this investment will change my entire life. And the investment I made in me with Christine as my guide did!" Donna

"With all the overwhelming demands and stress it would have seemed to be easier for the earth to open and swallow me whole. Christine you were so fantastic to work with and something about you appeared to be glowing yet you always remained humble and acted with integrity. Change is difficult for all of us to grasp. Your ability to listen without judgment helped guide me to experience a new reality, thank you." … J.lee

“To All who follow Christine on here, who are in the beginning networking stages with her, active clients of The Business M.D., friends and colleagues alike, Christine really has a gift for bringing people to their true awakening. She is a great friend, confidant, and I will be taking all my future business success needs to her, hands down, bar-none. She is the best. She awoke me to my true purpose in life at a very pivotal time in my life. 8 years of planning can finally take on new form because of the time she set aside as what I call a true friend who will not fail you, I can promise you that, rest assured! Thanks again Christine West!” C. Johnson

“The first time I encountered Ms. West, I was uncertain if she was just arrogant and full of herself or could she really help me to stop sabotaging my business, my relationships and my health. I was so addicted to messing up and avoiding the after effect of my messes. I just could not face up to my wrongs and I have hurt many people including myself. I could not see how my situation could get better. To my surprise in my darkest hour after my pain got so bad and everything in my world was just wrong, I reached out to Ms. West and could see just how powerful her light is. She is a powerful healing Seraph walking this planet disguised as an ordinary human. Don’t let her fool you - Ms. West is very humble with her true talents and healing powers. She tuned into me, could see into me and hear my inner voice. Her healing loving light healed me from the inside out. I am no longer afraid, I no longer avoid, I am alive, awake, free and successful.” A.J.Horrill