Monday, June 24, 2013

Are you evolving or revolving your business today?

Are you Evolving or Revolving your Business Today?

A common mistake that many professionals and many business leaders create is in not really knowing the difference between evolving and revolving.  It may seem to be a very simple differential, yet it is not.

Both evolving and revolving use physical, emotional and mental energy to focus on something such as solving a common business problem of talent  challenges or leadership dynamics or expanding market reach to name a few. 

To keep it simple, imagine you have access to an all-day commuter train tour and you invite everyone in your culture who contributes to your business and marketing strategy, business development and talent management on this ride.  You plan on really connecting to the heart of the matter by first connecting on this tour to help all of you build up innovation.  All of you are scheduled to be together on this train for 2 weeks to really connect to discover answers and solutions.

The conductor begins driving the train down the track.

The tour operator who is charge of communicating about the sites begins sharing.  All of you feel enthused.  As each hour passes you notice that all of you hear the same message over and over.  And you see the same sites over and over.  You and your team are feeling frustrated, shortchanged and drained.  You realize you are on a revolving train tour that is spinning around the same circular track and you are BORED.  And now you and your team spends your energy focusing and complaining about the problem.  The train operator believes this is normal.  It is okay that no one is happy because they still are making a profit.    

This hypothetical example is how many businesses make decisions and justify circumstances.

To really evolve, means you and your team jump on the train.  You are chugging down the track seeing new landscape, learning new things and opening up your inner voice to articulate new moves that lead you to actionable solutions.  The mind of your business is expanded charged with heightened motivation and enthusiasm. Your new way of thinking and managing energy is taking your business to new terrains.  You not only talk about the challenges that your business faces, you delay procrastination and take immediate action to step forward to heal the past, to stop muddling in the same mud puddles  and clean your business up and organize the mind of the business for maximized success.

I ASK YOU – Are you evolving or revolving your business today?



Christine M. West, TheBusinessMD
Industrial Organizational Psychologist