Monday, March 14, 2011

I want it NOW and I DESERVE IT NOW

It is a non-debatable fact that our world is more challenging today. With the advancement of hand held mobile devices we have instant access to the people in our personal and professional world. Expectations for all us have drastically increased for how quickly we respond to those wanting interaction from us.

The way we interact with one another today is far different than it was 25 years ago. Social Media has created the opportunity for all to have many virtual relationships and instant knowledge about people, events, advertisements, services and products. When mobile phones first entered the market, they were big and used for emergency purposes. Today these devices are smaller and far more intelligent. These devices make phone calls, access the internet, email, take photos, record video and audio, text and much more. All these features are amazing to have in one small device. Yet they add increased stress and attention deficit in the lives of most people.

We end up constantly tuning into the ups and downs of the external world and place our inner world on the back burner. We see so many stories about economic challenges in so many industries such as: banking, real estate, transportation, energy, health and manufacturing. We are challenged by America buying into a deadly product named debt. We are all attracted to the instant gratification of the TAX deduction incentive of DEBT. Today so much of America is a slave to DEBT. Today we are confronted with the high costs of oil and gas. The price to fuel our vehicles and our homes are increasing daily. The number of people with cancer, diabetes and who are obese are on the rise.

Here is the bottom line, all of this has created a world that has more stress, fear, separation, distraction, inaction, difficulty and fatigue. We have normalized this kind of busy chaos and expect everything to be at our fingertips instantly. Living in this type of world it is ever more important to be able to manage the ever changing moods and behavior that is all around us.

Since I live in this world with all of you, I recognize the value of wellness and instantaneous rejuvenation. I value both instant and delayed gratification. I value the health of my mind, my emotions and my body. This type of wellness is critical for me to move progress forward daily on my BIG goals that I have set out for myself while simultaneously combating daily challenges and setbacks that compete for my time and energy.

I have discovered an enticing technology in 2010 that has helped me in the following areas of my life:

• Transformed stress in my body, mind and emotions into instant
• Dissolved distractions in focused action
• Turned inaction into motivation
• Awareness of my time wasters and use my time more effectively
• Have total ease in approaching difficult or uncomfortable
situations with others
• Problems that I perceived as huge transformed into manageable
action steps to solve

I have a lot of training in different disciplines of psychology, personal development, emotional management, personal success etc. What I discovered by using the technology I am describing for the past 4 months 2x a day, is all my skills and abilities have been turned up to HIGH SPEED. I am living far more from the inside out instead of from the outside in. I have the ability to take in more information and perform quicker. I am calmer, feel more peaceful and my days are more productive by 300% than 4 months ago.

These results are amazing!!!!

I have never been a slacker. I am a person who strives for more and more in life. Since I coach people for a living and help others measure their progress, I decided to measure my own. By documenting my daily achievement I have tracked these amazing results. Every day is more exciting and more beautiful no matter what is happening in the external world around me.

I can transform any difficulty into a successful outcome or find
resources instantly to help me when needed.

Finding something so powerful I felt the best thing was to share it with everyone I know. This is an amazing secret of sacredness. This technology name is Diamond Alignment. The other amazing cool thing with this technology is each use is only 6 minutes for a $1.00 a day. If you wanted to use the application 10 or 20 or 100 times in one day, the cost is still $1.00 a day !!!

For all of you who want more out of life, this technology is both time and cost effective. Used 2x a day you will discover some very amazing INSTANT results for yourself and the world you experience. If this worked for me, just image what you will receive. You deserve a better world – we all do!!! Try it out in a stress state – You will be amazed at what happens. You will gain instantly from this technology.

Please click on the right hand purple banner, place some headphones on and enjoy. You can try the product for free. Honestly you will receive better augmented results from a paid subscription. I am curious to know your thoughts, please write me at after you give Diamond Alignment a try.

You will so happy you did!!!