Monday, September 9, 2013

The Power of Seeing through your Entrepreneurial Fears - Seriously

The Power of Seeing through your Entrepreneurial Fears

I can remember going back 12 years ago in my life and waking up to the fact that I was done working for others and I had a dream living inside of me waiting to be born. I was in the base camp of the Davidson Glacier in the summer of 2001 in Southeast Alaska where, I spent 7 days learning how to mountaineer.  The rest of my group was off climbing a second mountain peak.  The day was clear and sunny.  I sat in the snow with the tranquility of the sun keeping me warm and at peace.  I was so in touch with nature, myself and all of my surroundings.  I had a confidence that I had never felt before. I was sitting alone; waiting for the small plane to taxi me back to civilization after a week of mountaineering.   In the serene silence of being so connected to mother earth, I had a visual  apparition to include robust sound glaring out at me.  I had never in my life ever felt Energy around me so Pure that I knew it was our Divine Creator who had my full attention to alter my imagination.

I was shown my Life’s Mission, a real Purpose for my existence and the reason I was sitting on a glacier in the middle of the back country of Alaska with no means of leaving without a plane.  From my perspective, I was NOT trained to act out this mission and purpose.  This was very foreign to me. This was the polar opposite of my conditioning. 

(Today I AM aware that my first career and all my experiences are what trained me for my Life Mission and my Purpose) 

 I did believe in miracles yet I can’t say I had any experience being part of one back then.  And it was also very foreign to me back then to be having these vivid conversations with the Divine Almighty in this fashion.  I wrote everything down that I heard, I saw and felt and refer to those notes quite frequently.  The last question I remember being asked was “are you willing to step into a life of meaning and purpose and fully wake up? I said YES YES YES and not really knowing what that specifically meant, yet it intuitively made sense – my YES was authentic and pure which allowed me to walk through the doorway of truth with ease and that was when the real personal development training started. I felt myself breaking free as through an inner light broke through my mind.  

  My egoic mind was filled with the illusions that magically I would just wake up to being something different without actually doing any personal development work, which back then I did really know what personal development work was.  I seriously thought this “prophetic apparition"  was some kind of instantaneous pill to reshape my life similar to the Matrix movie.  It did not happen that way.  This Divine invitation opened me up to a new world if it wasn't enough for me as a big city gal to mountaineer in the back-country of Alaska.  My world was expanding magically as I leaped forward into the new.  

What I did not know back then was a lot of what I did NOT know and how much entrepreneurial fear lived inside of me and my own limits I carried about how much success I would allow. 

I did not have entrepreneurial role models that encouraged the reinvention of my life. I certainly did not have the ability to truly articulate the psychology of human behavior within workplaces and how emotion, and behavior affected the relationship between leadership and staff , the bottom line and the energy moving through the inside of the  business as I AM the expert of today.

 I could go on and on about what I did not know and I could have buried the dream that was planted within me.  I was trained by corporate giants to play a role in feeding and serving the bottom line (sales) and to be a bridge between customer and the corporation I represented.  All I knew was people mattered and deserved to happy and have fun at work and in personal life instead of constantly carrying heavy burdens that sucked away inner joy and sabotaged constantly feeling good and succeeding.  I wanted to be done with sabotaging my own life.  Living a life of meaning and purpose is all I wanted.   A vision was planted inside my imagination, growing inside of me and waiting to be emerged into action.

You may be very similar to me over a decade ago, having an idea brewing inside of you, yet you are still in your cubicle dreaming about someday. No one ever accomplished something great someday. The truth of the matter is deep inside of you feel lost and a bit petrified because of the leap into unknown, so you procrastinate because your cubicle is safe, predictable and consistent.  You can only avoid your purpose for so long. In my experience when I was here, the Universe reached out to pluck me from my cubicle because I did not move forward.  I was all talk and no action.  That was almost 10 years ago.  That was one of the best gifts to receive that startled mix emotions of excitement and to the fear involved in actually putting my services out there.  I did it.  I leaped and so can YOU!!!

One of the most dangerous places to be is being blind to your own fear and lying to yourself about it. One of the greatest excuses I hear is how swamped or busy a person is to really invest in the prosperity of their dreams.  The problem with doing this is you never really allow yourself to connect and interact with your business dream and have a healthy relationship to fuel your enthusiasm and build your business on your terms.  By using this excuse you disconnect yourself from people who can help support your transition into a life of meaning and purpose.  It suppresses and delays your happiness and exhausts your energy leaving you in the someday syndrome.

 I will share I made many painful and costly mistakes that the consequences had me face some of the greatest storms and trials of my life around self-sabotage, procrastination and avoidance behavior-- and most of all the FEAR of the UNKNOWN. And in the early years of my practice I made the mistake of still having an employee mindset that operated my business and not fully allowing my brand to be visible and being led by the industry instead of being operating by my terms. I see many self- employed people running their businesses this way and being more miserable than they were in the cubicle.

Because of these priceless experiences directly correlated around entrepreneurial fear, I have learned to master many lessons and have a heart- filled passion to pass on my learning to other entrepreneurs and emerging businesses no matter what stage you are in your entrepreneurial practice.

  I AM inviting you to join me in attending my original teaching that is geared to fast-track you and your success in feeling freer and confidence as you move forward.  My product name is " Free From Fear: Employee Street to Entrepreneurial Blvd" It is designed for show you a direct pathway to shortcut your mistakes, boost your Energy, your Sales and your Business.    

Please take a look and contact me to share your thoughts.