Saturday, October 6, 2012

Selling Naked: The Genuine Key to Connecting

Selling Naked: The Genuine Key to Connecting

I recently started swimming regularly lately.  I had a unique experience in the ladies locker room that is truly worth sharing.  As I exited the pool, entered the locker room and began to shower.  Other ladies were already showering and were in conversation about their frustrations about their workplace.  As I continued to listen, I began to chime into their conversation as ALL were showering.  The group of ladies started to inquire about what I did for a living. 

I started sharing and these ladies wanted to know more.  We kept chatting as we all left the showers to begin to dry off.  As I opened my locker, I had my smartphone handy and my business cards.  I distributed my business card to this group and asked if they had time for quick presentation through my smart phone.  They all said YES.

Wow to my surprise, I had never until that moment presented TheBusinessMD’s services butt-naked in the flesh to other butt-naked in the flesh audience.    I did, it was well received and this is what I learned.

All of us authentically connected heart to heart as a union.  Coming together in this enthusiastic merger, these ladies received the knowing that I genuinely understood their frustration because I empathetically connected into the GAP of their frustration.  They in return clearly understood I AM a resource to provide relief.  Because I truly allowed myself to be seen and to be vulnerable, this established trust between me and my audience.  I received an invitation to share more information about TheBusinessMD at their workplace.

Being NAKED had nothing to do with the physical – it had everything to do with the emotional and energetic side of me.  Revisiting these ladies with my clothes on did not change the connection between us, by staying consistent to heart centered selling developed a new client relationship.